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Why Florists Offer More Than Just Flowers

Why Florists Offer More Than Just Flowers

9th Apr 2021

If you’ve never been to your local florist shop, it may be time to drop in and say hi. Or if you’re used to browsing online, you might want to look past the flowers on display and check out what else is on offer. You see, flower shops are not confined to flowers anymore. There are actually a lot of other goods available that you may be surprised to see.

Flower shops are fast becoming one-stop shops for gifting purposes and, by natural extension, home decorating. Gifting because flowers are often given as presents on special occasions and home decorating because fresh blooms are usually purchased to spruce up a space.

What Else Is On Offer?

It varies from florist to florist but these below are commonly available in all:

1. Indoor plants. Your local florist most probably carries plants too. Indoor plants are a great way to bring nature inside, especially for busy city people who rarely have time to go see the great outdoors. Plus, plants let you enjoy your flowers longer as opposed to buying cut ones that will wilt in time.

Plants are also quite effective in creating an additional design element in homes, which is also why indoor ones are currently enjoying extreme popularity.

2. Snacks. Roses and chocolate go well together, and they usually spell l-o-v-e. Lots of florists offer sets featuring a combination of flowers and chocolates to make it easy for romantics to buy everything they need in one place. But if you or your recipient’s not a fan of sweet treats, you can usually opt for the fruit or snack baskets on offer instead.

3. Planters or Vases. Lots of flower shops have the most amazing planters and vases! It’s not really surprising because the containers are designed to show off their fresh blooms in the best possible light. If a planter is not listed for sale, you can still ask your local florist about it. Some will let you have them for a price, but if not, you can always ask them to point you in the right direction.

Buying from Florists vs. Buying Elsewhere

If you’re buying more than flowers, it’s usually better to buy the other things you need from your florist, if available. While some might seem more inexpensive when bought from other stores, the price is largely negligible and it’s so much less time consuming buying everything from the same place.

Florists also offer a more personalized experience so you can often have every little bit of detail done according to your request. What’s more, if you’re in a hurry, some flower shops offer same-day delivery service. It’s also not unheard of to get seasonal offers and other discounts when you buy your flowers and gifts from flower shops online.

At Kloeckner’s, we offer more than just flowers.

We also offer you our assurance that your flowers will arrive 100% fresh, your orders will be delivered with care, and you will receive our utmost attention. See the Kloeckner difference when you order from us. Call us at 800-244-6357 and get the preferential treatment you deserve. 

Our Promise -
We take pride in providing the finest flowers direct from our shop to the residents of Chicago and its suburbs. All of our flowers are 100% fresh.

Handmade Arrangements -
All of our flower arrangements are handmade by us here at Kloeckner’s Preferred Flowers. Whether it’s a seasonal bouquet, a sympathy flower for a family member, or a custom arrangement for your wedding day, we put the same amount of care and attention to detail in all our arrangements.
Daily Flower Deliveries -
Here at Kloeckner’s, we offer delivery to Chicago and all of the 180+ suburbs including Naperville, Long Grove, Clarendon Hills, and Evanston. We offer same day delivery to some suburbs so call us at (800)244-6357 for more information.

Based in Chicago -
We’ve been calling Chicago home for over 80 years when our founder, Ted Kloeckner, decided to start Kloeckner’s Preferred Flowers. Since then, we’ve been giving special attention and preferential treatment to all our customers in the Chicago area.