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What You Should Order for Casket Flowers

What You Should Order for Casket Flowers

13th Aug 2021

Funeral flowers are a poignant way to honor the life of a person you held dear and beautiful expressions of sending love and support to those left behind. They are great as tributes and there are many kinds available to express your emotion, but for now, let’s focus on casket flowers.

Casket Flowers

Casket flowers are beautiful displays that sit on top of the casket. They’re traditionally chosen by the immediate family, such as the children, spouse, siblings, or parents. If we follow proper etiquette, relatives and close friends choose the wreaths, cushions, hearts, and other tributes; while colleagues and friends may choose sprays or sheaf arrangements.

There are two types of casket sprays.

1. Half casket spray - This kind of spray is intended for half-open casket services, with the arrangement sitting on the bottom half of the casket.

2. Full casket spray - For a closed casket, the full casket spray sits on the entire length of the coffin.

There is no etiquette regarding the selection of casket arrangements, although a general rule of thumb is the size of the arrangement should reflect your intimacy with the person who passed away. The closer a family is to the deceased, the larger the arrangement.

Choosing Flowers for Casket Sprays

Choosing flowers for the casket spray is a personal choice. You may wish to select blooms that you know were the deceased’s favorites, in colors they liked, or choose according to the meanings they symbolize. There is no right or wrong here.

You can also choose from the most popular ones for funerals. Here are some of them and the meaning they convey:

1. Roses - Roses are commonly used in floral casket arrangements and are often in white or red. Red symbolizes grief or sorrow, while white conveys purity and innocence.

2. Lilies - Lilies represent innocence and a return to peace. Although they come in a variety of colors, most prefer white lilies like this one for casket sprays.

3. Chrysanthemums - In funerals, mums represent sorrow, well-wishes, and loyalty. In Asian cultures, mums in white are particularly symbolic of grief.

4. Carnations - White carnations like this casket adornment symbolize pure love and purity, pink blooms are often bought by the mother of the deceased as a symbol of mother’s love, and purple conveys grief.

We will help you honor the beautiful life that passed with our selection of blooms.

Kloeckner Preferred Flowers has many pre-designed arrangements you can choose from, but we can also create a customized one for a more meaningful tribute. Call us at 800-244-6357. We are open from Mondays to Fridays until 5 pm, and until 2:30pm on Saturdays. 



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