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What Makes Flowers Such a Special Gift?

What Makes Flowers Such a Special Gift?

14th Mar 2024

Are you searching for a birthday, anniversary, or "just because" gift for someone you care about? Your Chicago florist can help you give someone a special gift. Read on to see what makes flowers so special as a present.

Better Mood

You don't want to see someone you love sad or anxious. While you may not know how to cure their sadness, the first step may be to visit your Chicago florist. Even if you don't know their favorite flower or plant, go with a popular bloom like roses or something seasonal. You're likely to at least help change their mood, as 88% of survey takers said flowers made them feel better after receiving them, according to the Society of American Florists.

Sensory Engagement

Florals uniquely engage several senses in ways other gifts can’t. For example, flowers come in several appealing colors. You could even choose a bouquet based on the recipient's favorite color. They often have an intoxicating smell that can provide therapeutic aromatherapy. It's hard not to relax in a room full of lavender. Flowers also have a variety of textures, ranging from soft petals to spiky stems. When flowers dry up, you can taste them by making tea from them.


There are thousands of varieties of florals to consider. Even when sticking to ones in season, you still won't be for a loss of choices. Whether someone prefers gardenias, lilies, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, or another option, you're likely to find some at your Chicago florist.


If you want to give a symbolic gift, flowers are a great option. Red roses symbolize romance, whereas yellow ones symbolize friendship. Lilies are heavily associated with Easter and poinsettias represent Christmas. Bring sunshine and cheer to someone's home or hospital room with yellow sunflowers. Flowers also have unique symbolism based on the wedding anniversary year. When buying flowers for your Anniversary gift, carnations are for the first year, and Irises are for the 25th year. There are also flowers for each birthday month, with daffodils being the ones for March birthdays, according to Petal Republic.

Your Chicago florist has many options when you want to give a special gift. Whether you want to bless someone with a birthday, wedding anniversary flower, or symbol of friendship, there are plenty of florals to consider. Visit our team at Kloeckner's Preferred Flowers to find the flowers for that special person you're thinking about.



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