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Top Floral Arrangement Options to Consider During the Holiday Season

Top Floral Arrangement Options to Consider During the Holiday Season

8th Dec 2023

When it comes to the holiday season, few things spell out love like the right flower arrangement. By working with the top flower shops, you can arrange truly amazing pieces. If you're looking for fetching floral arrangements, here are some options to consider for your significant other this winter.

Bring on the Roses

According to the Society of American Florists, about 77% of purchases of cut flowers are made with a reason/occasion in mind, and roses are a favorite! While picking up roses is often an obvious choice, it still remains a great one. Roses symbolize love, and now you can get them in many different colors, such as white or orange.

Brighten a Room With Sunflowers

Does your special someone like bright colors and warm summer days? While the nights are long in February, you can brighten things up with sunflowers. This could help break the all-too-common winter melancholy. These flowers are a favorite among the best flower shops because they do such a good job of brightening rooms and moods.

Reignite Love With Purple Orchids

Many of the flowers bought at the top flower shops will last for a few weeks. However, you can actually plant orchids and grow them. They should bloom every spring after that, offering a reminder that your love is always rekindled. These flowers are also striking and delicate, making them more unique and desirable.

Symbolize Everlasting Love With Dried Florals

Another long-lasting option includes dried florals. You can dry many flowers, which will change their looks but often for the better. Best of all, these flowers will last for a long, long time, which is something your partner may appreciate. Dried flowers are a favorite momento for many!

Offer a Sleek Bouquet With Calla Lilies

Looking for something sleek? It's hard to top Calla Lilies, which sport trumpet-shaped bracts. These flowers truly draw the eye and can leave people perhaps a bit mesmerized. They come in a variety of colors, so you may be able to tailor them to your partner's specific tastes.

Need more assistance with picking out the right arrangement? Feel free to contact us at Kloeckner's Preferred Flowers. Remember, the top flower shops often get quite busy during the holiday season, so it's best to place your order sooner rather than later!



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