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The Best Valentine's Day Flowers

The Best Valentine's Day Flowers

9th Feb 2021

Every Valentine’s Day, people send hundreds of millions of flowers to friends, family, and lovers across the world. In 2019 alone, 250 million roses were produced for this holiday! It was even higher in 2020, and many florists are predicting this 2021’s orders will exceed those of last year. That’s plenty of evidence to say that flowers are some of the best ways of showing affection.

What Flowers Should You Give?

Your valentine’s preference is important, but if you don’t know what it is, you can’t go wrong with roses. These beautiful blooms come with a delicious aroma and are often given in the name of romantic love. And why not? The fiery red color is often associated with passion and devotion.

However, if you would like to veer away a little from tradition, this bloom comes in so many other shades ranging from white to yellow to purple. And there are so many varieties to choose from, which range in the thousands.

Other Blooms

While it may come as no surprise to know that roses are the most popular flowers during Valentine’s Day, they aren’t the only preferred blooms during this most romantic day of the year. Here are some of the contenders:


Carnations look so much like roses, in a more frilly and fragile way. But that would be deceptive. These flowers are actually pretty sturdy and will last up to two weeks when cut.

A bouquet of light red carnations signify admiration, which may be the ideal for relationships that are in their early stages. A pink bouquet can be given to your mom or any family or friend that you feel affection and gratitude for.


It may be hard to believe now, but tulips once grew as wildflowers. Now, they’re one of the most cultivated and sought-after blooms.

These beautifully symmetrical, cup-shaped flowers are available in incredibly bright colors. Tulips in a yellow hue are often given to friends, not only because of their cheerful look, but also because these symbolize happiness. Pink says affection and caring, while red denotes passion. If you think someone is truly wonderful, a luxurious purple color means you think they’re fabulous!


With their big, plump heads, these beauties are the perfect alternative to roses. And they can last for up to a week!

Peonies in red, as usual, mean deep love and passion. It’s also considered as the 12th anniversary flower, so if you’re celebrating your 12th Valentine’s with your special someone, a bouquet of this would be perfect. White peonies symbolize bashfulness and might be best as a secret admirer gift.


Also known as Peruvian Lilies, these exotic blooms are often found in bouquets because of their dazzling beauty and subtle scent.

Peruvian Lilies are symbols of devotion. Blooms in yellow will let your friend or family know you make them happy. White symbolizes purity and love, often given by committed partners. Red means passion, while pink is romance and playfulness.

Flower-giving is one of the best ways to show you care.

Sometimes, the old-fashioned way can be the best way. Show your loved one how much they mean to you by sending them a bouquet of flowers this coming Valentine’s Day. Browse through our offerings and order online. Or you can give us a call at 800-244-6357 and let us help you find the perfect blooms.



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