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The Best Gifts for Dad

The Best Gifts for Dad

10th May 2021

When it comes to giving Father’s Day gifts, most people think of traditional ones like socks, ties, and tools. Practical stuff are quite useful for dads, but gifts can also be fun and frivolous! And the unexpected ones may be even more treasured.

Unique Gifts For Father’s Day

1. Chocolates

It doesn’t matter the age or gender, there’s just something about chocolate that appeals to everyone. The decadent snacks are an affordable luxury that’s so enjoyable to indulge in. Plus, there are many sugar-free options available in stores for recipients who do not eat sugar.

Kloeckner has two kinds of chocolate offerings for dads with sweet tooths. Our chocolate sampler box is filled with 12 tempting bite-sized chocolates that come in different shapes and flavors.

For a more luxurious gift, we also have a Chocolate Lovers Basket that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to any chocolate fan. The pretty wicker basket is brimming with a great selection of chocolate favorites designed to impress.

2. Fruit Baskets

For dads who are into healthy food, fruit baskets are a nice way to celebrate their lifestyle. Fruits are a healthy approach to snacking and can help curb sugar cravings from sweets.

Our fruit arrangements come in three sizes and feature only fruits picked at the peak of freshness. Served in a lovely wicker basket, the reusable container makes a wonderful display container for your kitchen.

3. Plants And Flowers

This may sound surprising, but a lot of men have a favorite flower and will be happy to receive an arrangement from a special someone. But if you don't know what he likes, you may want to go with something in his favorite color instead.

Now, should you go with a potted plant or a cut flower bouquet? If he has a very practical outlook, flowering plants might be the best choice for him. But if your dad is a bit of a romantic, a flower arrangement would be appreciated.

We have a selection of both planters and flower arrangements. If you plan to go with plants but your dad does not have even a hint of a green thumb, succulents would be perfect for him. These are hardy plants that can live with minimal watering and care.

Don’t overthink. Your dad is going to love any gift you give.

The good news is, you can’t go wrong. Any gift you give is going to brighten up his day. Because the best gift really is that you remembered.



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