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How To Take Advantage of Florist Sales

How To Take Advantage of Florist Sales

9th Feb 2021

Almost everyone loves flowers! When chosen with care, flowers can make any room look warmer and so much more beautiful. However, they often don’t come cheap and may even seem expensive when you’re on a tight budget. But if you know where and how to look, you might just be able to score a bargain.

Flower Sales

Flower sales are one of the best ways to get fresh blooms for cheaper than they usually go for. Florists usually do flower sales right after big holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. They do this to get rid of the extra flowers they purchased that didn’t sell. You can often find unbelievable buys (and still gorgeous blooms) the mornings after.

Sometimes, florists will also offer discounts on selected arrangements to generate more interest for a particular design or for their shop. For example, we offer our customers a Deal of The Week (flower arrangements that cost up to half their usual price!) that we change from time to time.

Other Ways to Score a Bargain

1. Do your shopping during the weekends. Florists often restock on Mondays, so if you order during the weekend, you might just get a pretty arrangement for a discount. To be sure, ask your florist when they do restocks and inquire whether they offer specials.

2. Buy in season. Those roses that are for sale on Valentine’s Day? They aren’t in season. But since roses are synonymous with that holiday, florists still offer them. If roses are your favorites, order them during the summer. It will be much cheaper. And that goes for other flowers too.

3. Go local. Sure you can buy from large floral shop chains, but they’ll only charge you higher and then call local florists to make the order. Usually, these big name florist shops act as middlemen. They will only take your order then pass it along to a florist that’s near you. And in case they don’t, you will surely pay more for the shipping and handling of your orders.

4. Pre-order. The closer you order to the day of the holiday, the bigger the chance of the price being affected. By pre-ordering at least three to ten days in advance, you’ll ensure that the availability and price of the arrangement that you want is locked in.

5. Ask if there are discounts. Some florists offer discounts for seniors, repeat or bulk buyers, or professional groups. Ask your local floral shop if they do so.

We’d love for you to enjoy our flowers in your home.

We have a perfect Deal of The Week for you right now. Order online or give us a call at 800-244-6357 to ask what else we have on offer.

Our Promise -
As the top Chicago florist, we take pride in providing the finest flowers directly from our shop to the residents of Chicago and its suburbs. All of our flowers are 100% fresh.

Handmade Arrangements -
All of our flower arrangements are handmade by us here at Kloeckner’s Preferred Flowers. Whether it’s a seasonal bouquet, a sympathy flower for a family member, or a custom arrangement for your wedding day, we put the same amount of care and attention to detail in all of our arrangements.
Daily Flower Deliveries -
Here at Kloeckner’s, we offer delivery to Chicago and all of the 180+ suburbs, including Naperville, Long Grove, Clarendon Hills, and Evanston. We offer same-day delivery to some suburbs, so call our trusted Chicago flower shop at (800) 244-6357 for more information.

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We’ve been calling Chicago home for over 80 years when our founder, Ted Kloeckner, decided to start Kloeckner’s Preferred Flowers. Since then, we’ve been giving special attention and preferential treatment to all of our customers in the Chicago area.