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How to Start 2021 on the Right Foot

How to Start 2021 on the Right Foot

12th Jan 2021

Just as long as flowers have been gifted for romantic reasons, the tradition of giving flowers as a token of friendship has also endured. And with good reason. Flowers can convey a whole range of emotions aside from the usual, “I love you.” It can express support, an apology, remembrance, gratitude, or a simple “I’m thinking of you.”

Sending friendship flowers can let your friends know that you appreciate them. And it can help start the year right. Here is a list of popular friendship flowers that bloom in the Chicago winter and the meanings they convey:

1. Roses. But they must be yellow, because yellow roses signify happiness, joy, and friendship. Some say the yellow also represents a new beginning. If you are reconnecting with a friend you haven’t seen for some time, a bouquet of these brightly-colored roses would be a perfect choice.

2. Chrysanthemums. In the Victorian era, people sent chrysanthemums to show friendship. Today, these flowers can mean a lot of things (even romantic love), but the emotion behind the gesture can be identified by the flower’s color. A white chrysanthemum denotes support, loyalty, and well-wishes. These are the ideal blooms for encouraging a friend who may be undergoing tough times or challenges.

3. Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are intricate blooms whose meanings vary across cultures. There is one popular legend in Japan, though, about a Japanese emperor who gave these to the family of the girl he loves as a symbol of apology for neglecting her. Hydrangeas in a blue shade are the ideal flowers to send someone you are asking for understanding or for giving your heartfelt apology.

4. Daffodils. These cheery flowers are said to symbolize happiness and good fortune. These are usually gifted by couples to each other on their 10th year anniversary. However, daffodils also represent creativity and inspiration. If you have a friend whose life or work inspires you a great deal, giving them a bunch of these flowers may be in order.

5. Tulips. These luxurious blooms used to grow as wildflowers in Central Asia before they were cultivated for their impressive looks. They're great to send as gifts to friends when you want to show them you care. Yellow tulips are happy flowers that symbolize cheerfulness, while pink ones denote affection. A purple tulip will be an awesome gift to send someone you think is simply fabulous.

Some flowers are just too pretty not to gift, despite them not symbolizing friendship. Send some of these over to a friend, and we’re sure they’ll love the surprise. These beautiful blooms will look gorgeous in any winter setting:

  • Oriental lilies - They’re strikingly beautiful flowers with huge blooms and a heavy scent.
  • Gerbera Daisies - These are showy blooms with bright colors and a short stem.
  • Orchids - Exotic and lush, these flowers bring color and a delicate fragrance to any space.
  • Carnations - These delicate-looking flowers with spiky petals give off a floral scent with sugar and clove undertones.

Bring a happy smile to your friend’s face through a simple act of giving.

Friendship flowers are one of the best ways to express your affection and bring color and cheer to someone’s day. Send over a gift of blooms today by calling us at 800-244-6357 or ordering through our site. 

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