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Choosing The Best Flowers For Remembrance

Choosing The Best Flowers For Remembrance

10th Mar 2021

Flowers are a beautiful way to honor and remember a life lost, but selecting the right ones needs careful consideration. One of the best ways to do this is to select blooms that can speak of your loved one’s story.

Flowers That Mean Remembrance

1. Lilies - The lily flower’s simple beauty makes it ideal for a somber occasion. Traditionally, white lilies symbolize innocence, rebirth, or eternal life. It’s the ideal flower for a child’s memorial service. It’s also frequently associated with religious services.

2. Orchids - Orchids are graceful flowers that symbolize the words, “I love you.” White orchids convey elegance, innocence, and purity, while pinks signify femininity and grace.

3. Carnations - Often used for funeral wreaths and sprays, the carnation’s meaning varies with each color. White says purity, deep red means love, and a lighter shade of red signifies admiration. For Christian services, pink may be in order as it was once believed that pink carnations sprang from the Virgin Mary’s tears.

4. Chrysanthemums - Mums are generally received as representatives of love and happiness in America. But for Europe, it expresses sympathy. In many European nations, chrysanthemums are only given as tokens of comfort and bereavement.

5. Gladioli - Was the deceased someone who was known for strength of character? An arrangement with gladioli might be the best option. The tall, bold blooms symbolize integrity, sincerity, and faithfulness.

6. Roses - Roses in a deep red hue are often regarded as symbols of intimate love. Pink can show gentility, yellow denotes loyalty, and white invokes feelings of youthfulness and reverence. A single rose means enduring love.

7. Tulips - When given in bright colors such as yellow, tulips can signify hope and encouragement for the grieving family. White is about forgiveness, while red tulips offer love.

Choosing The Arrangements

There are several options that you can choose from when selecting an arrangement. Typically, standing sprays, wreaths, crosses, and hearts are sent to the funeral home. Bouquets, dish gardens, and plants are suitable for both the funeral home and the residence.

There are also no limits to color. They can be multi-colored or monochromatic. You can also use more than one type of flower. Use the blooms that you think will be appropriate for the occasion.

Cost of Memorial Flowers

A simple plant can be gifted for as low as $29.95, but a decent floral arrangement usually ranges between $50 - $80. Standing sprays can go upwards of $100, while big casket sprays can range from $200 and up. The price will depend mainly on the size of the arrangement or the complexity.

While flowers have symbolisms and meanings that you can follow, ultimately, they should serve only as guides. You can personalize your arrangement according to the deceased’s color or flower preferences, or by which blooms remind you best of the departed.

A gift of flowers will always be immensely appreciated.

If you’re not sure what flowers to give, we can help. Give us a call at 800-244-6357. We have several designs you can choose from, but we can also customize one just for you.



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