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Beating the Stress of Holiday Gift Shopping

Beating the Stress of Holiday Gift Shopping

19th Dec 2020

While sales and bargains during the holidays are exciting, shopping for gifts for everyone on your list can quickly become overwhelming. It’s not just finding out the perfect gift for each friend and loved one that’s tough, but going through crowds of people doing last-minute shopping can also be draining. And when you’ve finally found the right presents, often you’d have to ship each of them by mail, too.

All of the factors above can lead to tiredness and stress. And sometimes, they’re enough to take away some of the cheer from the season. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips to beat that holiday stress:

1. Online Shopping

Instead of going to the store yourself, shopping online can make giving a breeze. There’s no time spent on commuting or going through throngs of people at the mall. You can safely browse for everything you need online. And if you’re torn between two items, it’s easy enough to compare them without having to go back and forth like you would in a physical store.

2. Gift Delivery

Gift delivery can remove the inconvenience of having to send all of your gifts by mail. Most online stores even offer the option of wrapping up your present, either for free or for a minimal fee.

3. Flower Gifting

Flowers make wonderful gifts for everyone, especially those who you may be finding it difficult to find gifts for, such as one who has everything or a person you may not know well enough to know what he or she likes. It’s the perfect present that’s thoughtful yet stress-free.

A Rutgers University study offers evidence that flowers elicit an across-the-board positive response. When participants in the study were given flowers, “In every case, the recipients responded to the flowers with what is known as the Duchenne smile—a heartfelt “true smile” involving the mouth, cheeks, and eyes…”

Other Flower Shop Offerings

While flowers are the main offerings in florist shops, they are not the only items you can purchase. Many include well-loved staples like plants, chocolates, fruit baskets, and snack gifts. Here are why you should consider them too.

1. Plants

Plants last a lot longer than cut flowers, but like flowers, plants can put you in a positive mood and in a better mental state.

2. Chocolates

Almost everyone across all age groups love chocolates. And it’s a versatile gift that can be given to professional acquaintances and personal friends.

3. Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are highly popular as gifts for every occasion because its healthy contents can be enjoyed guilt-free by the recipient.

4. Snack Baskets

Whether it’s to satisfy cravings for salty or sweet foods, for comfort, or to stave off hunger in-between main meals, lots of people crave snacks. A snack basket filled with food that your recipient likes will definitely be appreciated.

We’ll make you and your recipient smile this holiday.

Whether you need flowers, plants, snacks, or chocolates, we’ve got the perfect offerings to put you and your gift recipient in a positive mood. There’s no need to stress when you can send your present with a few easy taps. Order online from us today!

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