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What Flowers To Use For Your Corporate Event

What Flowers To Use For Your Corporate Event

12th Jan 2021

It’s true what they say about flowers adding color to any event. Go to any large gathering and chances are, they’ve got floral arrangements to spice up the space. Be it a big or small and casual or formal corporate assembly, event flowers help set the mood. Flowers can even complement the tone of or enhance your brand to make it stand out even more.

How to Pick Your Floral Design

Floral arrangements in corporate events are a little different from that of social gatherings. In social events, flowers take centerstage. Things are a little more backstage for business assemblies, but it makes nature’s beauties no less important. Here are some points to consider in choosing flowers when planning for your meeting:

1. Color

What type of event will it be? If it’s an internal event, you can pick flowers out in the same shades as the company’s colors.

A product launch might be best served with flowers that evoke the same feeling as the product. For example, a new clothing line that’s supposed to be hip and fun could have floral arrangements in bright, cheery colors. An innovative product could be complemented by flowers in dramatic and striking hues.

Consider the space you will be using too. What is the color of the room? Is it a neutral shade or one that’s highly distinctive? If it’s neutral, you can choose pretty much any color flower to decorate with. Otherwise, you’d have to go with blooms in shades that won’t clash.

2. Placement

Think of where the guests will spend most of their time. If it’s a lunch meeting where the majority of the time will be spent sitting down, keep most of the event flowers on the table.

If the event is a big one spread out across a large space, place the arrangements around the areas people are most likely to be in, but don’t neglect the rest of the room! A few small and scattered floral decor in those places will keep them from looking neglected.

3. Design

Your design should reflect the atmosphere of the occasion and the feeling that the company wants to evoke. An old and established company might go for a sophisticated feel, while a younger one might go for bold and cutting-edge.

The space you will be using will come into play again. Is it a large room? Tall arrangements can make imposing rooms look a little more cozy, but they can make small ones look even smaller.

4. Trends

Having a feel for the current trending colors or designs can work, too. The Pantone Color Institute releases their color trend predictions every year. For this year, the trend is towards hues in grey and bright yellow.

In design, hanging floral installations are the rage and they add a lot of visual impact.

To make your event a little more current, you can try to incorporate one or two of what’s trending into your function’s overall look.

Estimated Cost for Event Flowers

The cost per event differs on a lot of factors, including the season. If it’s winter, choose flowers that bloom during winter. You may still use spring flowers during a winter event, but that will cost much more because of the process involved in force-blooming.

The type of flower you choose will also greatly affect the price. Calla Lilies, for example, will cost much more than Carnations.

Corporate events do not need to be boring affairs.

On the contrary, they can be quite remarkable gatherings that leave a lasting impression. Ensure your business function’s success by letting us do the floral design and arrangements for you. Contact us at 800-244-6357 today!

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