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Nothing Says Get Well Like Some Fresh Flowers

Nothing Says Get Well Like Some Fresh Flowers

10th Mar 2021

Bringing flowers during a hospital visit has long been a tradition. Get well flowers are supposed to cheer patients up and make their day a bit brighter.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine supports the above theory. In the study, plants and flowers were placed inside the rooms of recovering patients. Not only did the patients feel more positive, but they also registered “lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue than patients in the control room.”

But before you order up a bouquet or two, below are some things you need to know.

1. Some hospital wards don’t allow flowers inside. High-risk areas like the intensive care, respiratory units, or baby wards are off-limits to flowers. Mostly because if not carefully cared for, the stems dipped in the water might grow molds or the pollen can trigger an allergic reaction.

2. Check your arrangement or plant carefully for any pests that may reside in it. Left unchecked, the pests might spread to other areas of the hospital.

3. Don’t go for big. Keep in mind that hospital room space may be limited and other visitors might bring flowers too.

Get Well Flowers

Not sure what flowers to give? These blooms below offer an instant ‘pick me up’ for your recipient.

1. Daisies. Daisies are bright, cheery flowers that can immediately perk up a mood. A bouquet of white daisies or a more colorful bunch of gerbera daisies will leave your recipient in a more positive spirit.

2. Asters. These showy flowers that are somewhat similar to daisies offer get-well wishes in a colorful way.

3. Roses. These classic flowers are extremely versatile and can also mean, ‘Have a speedy recovery!’ Choose roses in yellow or orange hues because these symbolize optimism.

4. Pansies. The small, delicate flowers with bold hues signify loving thoughts. Giving pansies can show your friend or relative that you are thinking of them.

5. Sunflowers. These are flowers most often associated with summer because sunflowers radiate a joyful vibe. Presenting your recipient with these can mean that you wish them happiness and vitality.

Get Well Plants

Aside from flowers, you can also gift some plants to recovering patients. An advantage of plants from cut flowers is that they last much, much longer. Below are some plants that are useful in promoting good health.

1. Peace Lily Plants. Peace lilies are low maintenance plants that are known for purifying the air. These plants can absorb pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde , and acetylene vapors from the air.

2. Kalanchoe Plants. While Kalanchoe plants can purify the air, its leaves are also quite useful in cleaning minor wounds. The kalanchoe has been found to have bactericidal and wound healing properties.

Tell your loved one you wish them a speedy healing through get well flowers.

Nothing is more cheerful than a bunch of colorful blooms to inspire a bit of joy in an otherwise dreary sick room. Let us help you in picking out the right arrangement. Call us today at 800-244-6357 to inquire or browse through some of our offerings here

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