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Wedding Flowers: How Much Should You Spend?

Wedding Flowers: How Much Should You Spend?

28th Sep 2020

Though wedding practices differ across countries, one thing has remained constant for most cultures — the use of flowers in wedding celebrations.

In ancient times, people used flowers as a beautiful way to celebrate unions because of what the blooms symbolized. Today, fresh flowers still hold a special place in weddings because their shapes, scents, and colors set a certain tone and flavor to the event and tie the overall design together. Plus, they make gorgeous backdrops for pictures!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Weddings can be hugely expensive. In the US, the average wedding can set couples back by $33,391. The bulk of that is spent on the wedding dress, the venue, food, and photography.

Wedding flowers cost a bit too. Typically, couples set aside about 8-10% of their total budget on flowers, with the average spend amounting to $2000. This number should serve as your guide, but the total may change depending on the kind of flowers you prefer and how you want them arranged.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Flowers

There are any number of factors that affect how much your total floral wedding arrangements will cost. These include:

1. Season

Flowers can be perennials, annuals, or biennials. Although some florists can force-bloom certain flowers much earlier than expected, a flower that is in season will always be cheaper than one that is not.

2. Arrangement

The simpler the arrangement, the less it will cost. Complicated arrangements with more varieties of flowers involved can take the cost higher, especially when the florist you use does not have direct access to a flower market. It will cost less for florists to buy up one or two kinds of blooms in bulk than buying small numbers of many different varieties.

3. Variety

Some flowers simply cost more than others even when they are in season. This is usually because the flower is difficult to grow, has a short lifespan, or is extremely delicate.

4. Location

Your location will also play a big part in the overall cost. New York florists are more expensive than say, florists in Michigan. Where you will get your flowers will also add to the price. Will you be importing them? Will they come from a long distance away?

How You Can Save

If you’re flexible with the kind of flowers you require, you can save a lot on wedding flower costs by going for alternatives instead. For example, peony blooms in spring so if your wedding is set for winter, you may opt for a garden rose instead.

Lily of the Valley is a temperamental flower with a short lifespan. It’s beautiful, but its fragility will cost you upwards of $20 per bundle. In contrast, sweet peas have that same fragile look but you can have it for a fraction of that amount. By selecting a dupe, you can get the same tone and texture without spending too much.

Reusing your ceremony flowers (aisle flowers) in your reception can also be a great way to ease up on costs.

Make your wedding ceremony simply unforgettable.

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