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Do You Know About Chicago's City Flower?

Do You Know About Chicago's City Flower?

15th Jun 2021

Did you know that Chicago has an official flower? Many states do, but the city of Chicago has one too. It’s the chrysanthemum, and it’s been the designated Chicago flower since 1966.

Chrysanthemums, or mums, have long held a special place in American culture. The hardy perennials first landed on US soil more than a hundred years ago and instantly became a fall classic. Because of its popularity, the Chrysanthemum Society of America was formed in 1900 and its first exhibition was held in the Art Institute of Chicago in 1902.

On the 17th day of June 55 years ago, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s resolution to make the chrysanthemum the city’s official bloom was accepted by the City Council. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Chrysanthemums For Your Home

One of the reasons why mums are so popular (then and now) is their wide array of colors, which range from beautiful whites to deep bronzes. The dazzling hues and the full dark green leaves that accompany them give a gorgeous pop to any garden or interior space.

Get these standout flowers for your home. At Kloeckner, we have plenty of chrysanthemum arrangements for every taste. Here are some:

1. Spring Sentiment Bouquet - Soft pinks and yellows remind one of the muted but beautiful colors of spring, even in the midst of summer. The blooms are loosely gathered in a rustic, grey-washed wood cube and are combined with lush greenery for extra style and texture.

2. Posey Bunch - A nosegay-styled bouquet, these fresh blooms blend vibrant colors of purples, reds, yellows, and greens. The fresh flowers are artfully arranged inside a Ti Leave cylinder vase.

3. The Happy Blooms Basket - These bouquet blends lavender and purple blooms with orange flowers for extra pops of color. It’s a unique combination of chrysanthemums, asters, carnations, and Asiatic lilies arranged in a whitewash willow basket. It also comes with a bright Mylar balloon proclaiming, “Happy Birthday!”

4. Magical Mood Unicorn Bouquet - In a truly magical and charming presentation, white chrysanthemums and green button spray mums are mixed with lavender, fuschia, raspberry, and pink blooms in a ceramic unicorn vase with hand-painted details.

5. Spring Sonata - A floral masterpiece that looks perfect wherever you put it, the Spring Sonata arrangement mixes roses, tulips, spray chrysanthemums, asters, and seeded eucalyptus together in a classic terra cotta pot.

6. FTD Candy Hearts Bouquet - It’s exotic, vibrant, and oh so gorgeous! This upscale arrangement puts together jewel-toned carnations with lilies, mums, and roses for a luxurious-looking bouquet.

Looking for your own bouquet of Chicago flowers? We’ve got you.

Kloeckner Preferred Flowers has been serving the neighborhood of Chicago for close to 90 years. All of our arrangements are handmade and lovingly crafted with a thorough attention to detail. Call us at 800-244-6357 and we’ll whip up a beautiful bouquet for you right away. 



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